The national program facets of The Links, Incorporated consist of five facets which include: National Trends and Services, The Arts, Services to Youth, International Trends and Services. and Health and Human Services.




PRC has three major programs that provide support and services to the citizens of Upper Montgomery County: Cultivating Girls into Global-Minded, Empowered and Motivated for Success (GEMS) Program; the LEADS for Life Program; and the PRC Scholarship Program.



The GEMS Program for girls in grades 5-12 addresses their current challenges and prepares them for the next stage of life beyond high school. Starting at Germantown Elementary School (GES) with 5th graders, the program began to address bullying, its causes, and its impact on girls (and their families). The Program was re-designed to target the development of the whole child – strong academic focus, leadership skills, social skills, self-advocacy, healthy living, mental health, and creativity; while exposing underserved girls to culturally diverse people and opportunities to which they would not otherwise be exposed.  Still hosted at GES, it has expanded to include girls (our “mentees”/GEMS) from several other elementary, middle and high schools.  We have a mentoring component that follows the GEMS from elementary through high school.  Working with our program partners we create environments that stimulate their interest in STEAM, international, and non-traditional careers for females. 


LEADS for Life

The Patuxent River Chapter is focused on educating and bringing resources to Upper Montgomery County, Maryland residents to enable them to have healthier lifestyles and better manage during challenging times. Our Lifestyles, Education, Awareness and Discovery Springboards (LEADS) for Life Program address 5 critical areas of need identified for Upper Montgomery County residents:


  1. health disparities in African Americans
  2. financial literacy
    • Budgeting and Banking Basics
    • Protecting Self and Home
  3. human rights and social justice issues (legislative affairs)
    • Get Out The Vote
    • The Census;
  4. homelessness; and
  5. educational challenges.
PRC Program Brochure
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Strategic Partners

Patuxent River (MD) Chapter of The Links, Incorporated, would not be able to execute our great programs without the help of our strategic partner, Germantown Elemantry School in Germantown Maryland.

Program Partners

Patuxent River (MD) Chapter of The Links, Incorporated, would not be able to execute our great programs without the help of our program partners, Manna Food and Montgomery Coalition for the Homeless.


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