G.E.M.S. Program

The Patuxent River (MD) Chapter of The Links, Incorporated is proud of the work accomplished within its umbrella program.  The program, Cultivating Young Girls into GEMS; Global-minded, Empowered, and Motivated for Success, focuses on the development of young ladies in a holistic manner incorporating the work of all five of The Links, Incorporated's program facets (Services to Youth, Arts, Health & Human Services, International Trends and Services, and National Trends & Services).  
The chapter is currently implementing the GEMS' program at Roberto Clemente Middle School for 6th-8th grade girls in collaboration with the school's administration and the Montgomery County Recreation Department's Excel Beyond the Bell (after-school) program. The chapter is concurrently implementing the GEMS' program for 5th grade girls from Clopper Mill, Germantown and McAuliffe elementary schools at Germantown Elementary School.  
The Patuxent River (MD) Chapter's future plans include following the GEMS through high school and awarding a targeted number of college scholarships as the GEMS matriculate. 

Program Goals: 

  1. Increase opportunities for promising young ladies in grades 5-12 to be exposed to cultural programs and activities, international people and ideas, healthy lifestyles/choices and new approaches to conflict management. 
  2. Implement a mentoring program that would help to identify and enhance the positive qualities and traits that the GEMS possess that would result in increased self-esteem, self-advocacy and leadership skills.
  3. Increase opportunities for the GEMS and their family members to learn more about health wellness and financial literacy programs.
  4. Introduce the GEMS to STEM-related career opportunities to expose them to and increase their interest in career and education options not otherwise considered.
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